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HBR is an independent low power broadcaster, operating legally under the FCC Part 15 rules for unlicensed broadcasters.  Our mission, as stated in our logo above, is to bring radio back to the local community and away from the mega corporations operating hundreds (or more) stations. We also broadcast Public Service announcements as provided by the township.

HBR is a member of the Association of Low Power Broadcasters.  We operate using a professional, broadcast quality Part 15 compliant transmitter, the Procaster, from Chez Radio.

Some of the programs we carry

bulletThe Big Picture Science Show  (promo)
bulletThe American Family Farmer  (sample episode)
bulletThe Stuph File with Peter Anthony Holder (sample episode)
bulletLife Underground - History Uncovered.  (all episodes here).
bulletNew!  Gaule's Moldie Oldies  (sample episode)
bulletThe Sunday Morning News with world famous broadcaster Carl Blare!
bulletAnd many more including classic Old Tyme radio!

Coverage Area

The shaded yellow area within the red lines is HBR's current coverage area.  We will soon be making some improvements to our ground radial system that should greatly increase our coverage. This work is planned for Spring 2018.  One factor that affects coverage is the quality of the AM radio receiver used to listen.  Typically most car radios are better than most consumer grade home radios.  Some exceptions include the CC Radio by C.Crane. Another factor that makes a tremendous difference is the Godar DXR-1000 antenna which is great for AM, FM, and Short wave listening.  Using either one or both  of these will greatly increase your ability to listen to HBR and other stations with better clarity and at a greater distance. We give them each our highest recommendation. See our Reception Tips page for lots of great advice on improving your radio reception.

Another factor that affects coverage is time of day.  Typically the coverage drops from one hour before sunset until one hour after sunrise.  That's just the way radio propagates.


Here is a quick clip of HBR's studio.

Here is a map of the Part 15 Radio Stations of America!

Some things you can do with Low Power Radio.

Help support HBR and Low Power Community Radio!

This is an effort of love, but it does cost money too!  If you would like to help, please consider a PayPal donation below.

We love to hear from our audience. If you would like to contact us with reception reports, comments, suggestions, or if you would like to advertise with us, please send us an email to:


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