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AirPower has partnered with the best of all online backup services, Backblaze.  Backblaze will backup your unlimited number of diskdrives with NO limit on storage space! 

We recognize how important your data is to you, so before choosing a back up service, please compare Backblaze to the others.


This is a brief description of the service ...

Key Benefits

bulletNo limit to storage space or disk drives!
bulletJust $5/month per PC!
bulletTry a free trial!

Online backup for your Mac or PC.

Back up before you  wish you had.

Protect your memories - ask us how.

All external drives connected to your computer can be

backed up too.

Just $5/month, $50/year, or

$95/two years per machine!

Backblaze is Everything

Backblaze is Affordable

Start backing up today at:


Get it Now

Installs in minutes and automatically and continuously

backs up your PC or Mac.

Backs up all your data: photos, scanned documents,

genealogical data, and more.

Back up everything as fast as your network allows.

Backblaze for Business too!


Backblaze is Unlimited

Backblaze is Easy

Backblaze is Unthrottled



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